Uploading Alphabet Shadow Boxes into Cricut Design Space

      Melody Lane

      Melody Lane

I work with a Silhouette Cameo Cutting machine but I know many of you use the Cricut. If you have the Cricut Explore, you can upload my files into Design Space and cut them on your Cricut.  Melody Lane has published an extremely helpful video on this process.  Even though this video was created using my Alphabet Shadow Boxes, many of the steps demonstrated here will apply to any of my files.  It answers some of the questions I have been getting including:

  • Every things comes in black! How to I deal with that?
  • How do I identify the dotted lines as score lines?

Tutorial: How to Import SVG Files into Design Space - by Melody Lane

Click on the triangle in the center above to view a video tutorial on importing svg files into Cricut Design Space.

If you are a regular crafter and Melody isn't on your radar yet, you should check out her video tutorial page on YouTube here.  She has an extensive variety of informative and helpful videos. You just might find an answer to your question or an inspiration for your next project. She is planning to complete another video showing the assembly process of the Alphabet Shadow Boxes as well.

Items of Note in the Tutorial:

Melody refers to the sizes of the various pieces and provides a list. In Design Space you must know the intended size of each piece in order for them to fit together. 

All Measurements in inches

  • Universal 1 (Just the box without hanger) - 6.4505 W x 6.4307 H
  • Layer 2 - 5.8991 W x 5.9503 H
  • Layer 3 - 5.4915 W x 5.4908 H
  • Layer 4 - 5.1632 W x 5.1938 H
  • Universal Layer 5 - 6.3563 W x 6.3879 H
  • Universal Layer 6 - 4.7708 W x 4.7643 H
  • Hanger - 1.33 W x 4.9" H
  • Hanger and Layer 1 together - 6.4505 W x 8.488 H