Ideas for Zig Zag Village:

I developed Zig Zag Village during the summer of 2018. So many people wanted a village that folds flat for storage....and this does. The favorite ideas people send me photos of and I like to share them. Here are a few that have come in so far.....

The cutting file for this design is here:

And the tutorial for assembly is here:

Barbara Eslick from the UK sent in the first photograph and it couldn't have been more than a day after I posted the file. I was so excited to see it.

Zig Zag Village by 3dcuts by Barbara Eslick.jpg

Carleen Moore Zig Zag Village by 3dcuts.jpg

Carleen Moore from Arkansas started experimenting. Do you see the tiny brass door knobs? She also added color to the chapel windows copper to the roof, and texture to the awnings.

Karen Sprenger made this wonderful video of her Zig Zag Village. Love the snow effect!