Another Assembly Video - Melody Lane

Melody Lane has uploaded another video tutorial today, this one showing how to assemble the Alphabet Shadow Boxes. They really are easy to assemble. I recommend you watch the video plus also check out my written tutorial here. It also is a pdf in your download folder for those that need to print. (Only applies to those that bought the file here. Doesn't come if you purchase on the Silhouette Store.) Melody and I did many things the same way and other things our own ways. You get to choose what works best for you!

I am curious about using hot glue instead of the glue dots. Do you use hot glue on paper and do you find it lasts? I have never used it on paper projects only other crafts.

Once I assembled the first alphabet shadow box, I got a regular production line going. It took me just a little less time to assemble each box than it did to cut the next layer.  And I have made tons of these over the past month!

And, as teaser.... I am working on more shapes to keep the heart company. Should arrive here and at the Silhouette Store next week.