WOW! Great Response and a new freebie

Finally, all things are in place and the response to the Alphabet Shadow Boxes has been terrific.  Thank you everyone! I have just uploaded another freebie design. It is the Letter O in the Shadow Box Series.  This is different from the one included in the Complete Alphabet download because it is straight up and down. The one in the Complete Set is on a tilt.

I'd love it if some people with other cutting machines downloaded the freebie and let me know what is working. For the people with Circuit Explore - I didn't use score lines. All fold lines are dashed lines. Can the Cricut Explore cut the dashed lines? Give it a try and let me know how it goes.  Thanks, Marji

What's Next?

I have been creating files for over a year and selling them via the Silhouette online Store since June of 2013. I have over 60 3D designs posted there. Which are your favorites? I plan to be re-drawing them one by one in Illustrator so they can be saved in .svg, .dfx, and .pdf formats. It would help it you let me know the design(s) you are most wishing for! Connect through to my portfolio in the Silhouette store here and let me know in the comments area which files you think I should work on first!  

Ledge Village by Marji Roy