Patriotic Stars on Display

I made a plethora of stars for the All-Star Cutting files series with a goal in mind. I have a wonderful display corner in the portico over the main entry to our home. I have used it as a display area for tons of crafty ideas but have always shied away from using paper because of the elements. I like a display to be able to last a month or two. The span between Memorial Day and July 4th includes Flag Day so a patriotic theme is appropriate. Here is what I completed.

These stars have been hanging here for 2 weeks and are doing just fine. They are protected from the rain with a roof but not from mist and wind and humidity. I don't expect them to last for two years but that is ok because I keep creating new designs.  I did spray them with Mod Podge acrylic Sealer but I know I didn't cover all the nooks and crannies. I'll try a different display without the sealer for another season and see how it goes.

These stars are available through my store here. You can buy the patterns individually or as a group of 6 different styles. I have uploaded step-by-step tutorials as well. Check them out.

  • Star 1 - Cutting File here - Tutorial here
  • Star 2 - Cutting File here - Tutorial here
  • Star 3 - Cutting File here - Tutorial here
  • Star 4 - Cutting File here - Tutorial here