Customize Your Summer Scene - New Shadow Box

A couple of months ago I designed the Canoe at Sunset shadow box file. It was very well received but it did start a series of comments in the vein of "Oh, this is beautiful but I would love for it to be a kayaker - fisherman-etc. That got me to thinking and I decided to create this newest shadow box with more features for customizing. Here is my Summer Scenes Shadow Box.


With the download comes seven different silhouette inserts for the sports figures added in the center. You get to choose the one you want! There are fishermen and women, fishing families and a kayaker. Select one and add it to scene you have constructed from the cutting files.

The download also includes five different skies to further customize your project. Three are photos I have modified and two are digital paintings of sunsets. 

Put the options together and you can create numerous different shadow boxes from this download.

Purchasing Options:
I have created a couple of download options for you on

  • The entire set of Summer Scenes (includes the shadow box files, 7 sporting silhouettes and 5 backgrounds) - All for $3.99. Click here to purchase.
  • Just the 7 sporting silhouettes - For $1.99 - Click here to purchase.
  • Just the 5 backgrounds - For $1.49 - Click here to purchase.

And here is a link to the assembly tutorial to check out.

Happy Crafting!