Chandi Walsh's designs and a Video Tutorial

I knew the Shadow Box Alphabet had loads of customization potential. But I was so busy creating all the files I had to limit my exploration. Lucky for us Chandi Walsh has taken my files and added an inspiring touch of herself to them.  She recently shared the following photos on my FB page.

Chandi Walsh Letter L file

She has a wonderful sense full of pizazz  in her design.  I love the background choice and the stars embellishment.  It is a great example of the degree of personalization that can be done with this set of files. What style!

Relax Detail by Chandi Walsh-3DCus file

Chandi's first project was a RELAX wall art piece for her bathroom. She created embellishments to match the shower curtain.




Best news of all...Chandi made a youTube video tutorial of the assembly process. She has a few variations on my techniques but does a beautiful job.  Visit her YouTube Chanel here.