3d Puzzle Boxes

This week I experimented in a different area with my designing. So many of my recent projects have been show boxes. I do have more ideas and will be adding to that collection but this week I chose a new direction.

I create a puzzle box and what I like about this file so much is that if you make multiples, they fit together.

And there is some variety in how you assemble them. I like the dynamic of the zig-zag assemblage above but they also make a square.

I didn't have a specific use in mind for this project - I just love puzzles and the classic puzzle shape. There are so many uses for a nifty box - like for presenting a gift card. I also think these would look terrific as decor in a child's room, especially in these bright colors. Additionally, if you are connected with Autism Awareness at all, the puzzle piece is a natural for all types of applications there.

Happy crafting everyone!