My display 2017 - 

Tea Light Village Mantle Blend 3dcuts.jpg

My display 2016

Displays created by others......

ChiWei blogged about making her tea light village here. She added silver trees and pine cones to her display.

Kate Himmelsbach completed this mantel display using the Tea Light Village for the 2017 holiday. She shared it on the Silhouette Cameo FUN Project Facebook group.

Kate Himmelsbach.jpg

Bilde Müller of My Creative Hide Out Blog just posted photos of her Tea Light Village using colored LED lights. They slowly change. And this is the first phot0 I have seen using the new (2107) hex boxes for wiring. There are a lot more photos on her blog.

Bilde Müller Tea LIght Village.jpg

Mary Cox made this beautiful 2017 village with the hex bases for her mom.


Mary Groom of Western Australia made her tea light village and spent time making many trees in a variety of sizes. She added the picket fences in a unique way by wrapping them around the bases. She also noted that she used 3-4 coats of hair lacquer on a few of the more detailed areas (gazebo and rose arbor) to add more stiffness.

Dianne Millgramm from Germany posted a couple of different display approaches on her website here.

Diane Millgramm Tea LIght Vilage in glass house.jpg
Diane Millgramm Tea LIght Village Chapel.jpg

Deb Goff recently shared her Tea Light Village in the Cricut Design   Space Facebook group. She used color-changing tea lights and this is what she noted about them: "The tea lights I used were purchased from Amazon and they are color changing so it is a lot of fun to watch the village change colors in a very slow non blinking kind of way! It is very peaceful and serene," and she provided a link to the tea lights here.

Kristen Calcagni Johnson has created a beautiful Tea Little Village on a mirror. She has a video of the village posted on her Facebook page here:

Gail Kretchman writes, "My daughter, grandson and I made a fun project out of your Christmas Village. " Many have been writing in that this projects works with kids. Nice job Gail, Cathi and Nicholas!

Kami LaRosh Bible added lanterns and a silver cone trees to her display of Tea Light Village

Marieke Lazarus from Austria shared her Advent Calendar made from the Tea Light Village files. She made a stunning display in black with multicolored windows. She displays it on her white piano.

Stephanie Scharsig made this version Tea Light Village recently to give to her grandmother on her 80th birthday.


Shani at Scrapbooks by Design made a Tea Light Village using textured card stock.


Maryann Jenkins of the blog IRock Paper and Scissors added snow to the roof in her Tea Light Village. She blogged about it here.

Margaret Cairns of The UK has taken an entirely different and creative approach to Tea Light Village. As the designer I saw them as simple with reduce detailed. She instead saw them as a canvas for much more. She hs created quite a fairy village with the same files.

Edith Baerten from Belgium has added battery operated string lights and some covering snow to a display of Tea Light Village houses. Notice the wonderful addition of sliced logs as bases.

Edit B- Tea LIght Village.jpg

And from Kate's Paper Creations is a display on a mirrored surface. Beautiful!

Pam at Get Silvered did this display under a glass dome.