Heart Tree Shadow Box in Square format

Many people have requested some of my illuminated star shadow boxes in a square format to put in wooden frames. I understand the desire to create a lasting keepsake and having it behind glass in a wooden frame helps a lot. I decide to try this with the Heart in a Tree Shadow Box.

It did require a complete redesign of all layers and a compressing from 5 layers down to 3 main layers plus the back ground. Here it is a standard 11 x 11” shadow box. I provided links in the tutorial on the exact frame I designed this for .

Additionally I designed this to be customizable in two ways. First the download includes 3 sets of couples - female/male, male/male and female/female. Choose the file that reflects the couple you are making this for. And again the download includes the entire alphabet in a carved font so you can customize the tree.

Heart Tree SB Sqquare 3dcuts.com hands.jpg

The files are available on the store starting today.

Download here for $3.49 http://3dcuts.com/illuminated-shadow-boxes/heart-tree-square

Video tutorial is available here: http://3dcuts.com/heart-tree-square-shadow-box-tutorial

A New Valentine Idea

My Zig Zag Village concept seems to be a natural for extensions - although this time it isn’t a village. For Valentine’s Day I have designed a new Valentine Garden filled with blooming hearts surrounded by a charming picket fence.

This card folds flat for storage or mailing. I will fit in a standard 6 x 9” booklet envelope and can be popped open and used as holiday decor by your Valentine.

And I have made a video tutorial of the assembly process. This card slides together in a way similar to Zig Zag Village but this file is much simpler and quicker to make. The cutting takes 4 8.5 x 11” pieces of card stock - 1 in red, 2 in green and 1 in white.

Download the cutting file here: http://3dcuts.com/heart-valentine-projects/valentine-garden

View the online tutorial here: http://3dcuts.com/valentine-garden-tutorial

I am sure you can think of a few people that would love to receive this card.

Happy crafting,

Marji, 3dcuts.com

Zig Zag Village

I designed Zig Zag Village back in the summer with the idea that it would be a perfect Christmas Village. Now that the holiday crafting season is upon us, I have been receiving photos and videos by crafters of their success with this project. Here is a video by Karen Sprenger of her Zig Zag Village. I love the video effects she added.

I also received some photos from Paulette Campbell and she is busy making lots of zig zag villages to send as cards. Take a look at the progress.

Zig Zag Village 3dcuts.com by Paulette Campbell.jpg

Carlene Moore of Arkansas added a little more detail using colored card stock to her version of tea light village.

Carleen Moore  Zig Zag Village by 3dcuts.jpg

I love seeing how my files get used and creative additions to them. If you have photos of any projects please share by sending to me at 3dcuts.com or sharing in the various facebook groups for paper crafting.

2018 Tree Ornament

Each year I try to design a new Christmas Ornament. And I like to do it early enough to make some for my tree and to have extras available as hostess gifts. This year I expanded on the cube card concept I designed at Valentine’s Day with these three beauties.

The group includes a snowflake, a nativity, and a star. Each is just under 3” and all can be folded flat for easy storage or mailing. There is a detailed tutorial with video here. The set is available for $2.99 on my store on the Christmas page here.

It is Christmas Card Time!

We crafters know that Christmas starts early for us. My design for cards needs to be finalized by November 1. I them start cutting and making so the cards are hopefully set before Thanksgiving. I seldom succeed, But I am doing well this year. The design is done! Here is a new Merry Christmas pop-up design featuring a funky font.

This card is from a full 8.5 x 11” sheet of card stock and when folded in half fits perfectly in a 6” x 9” standard booklet envelope.

I would love to see your card ideas! I now need to make 40 more!

Happy crafting,


First Customer Haunted Zig Zag Village

I love it when you folks send me photos of your finished projects. Amy D sent along this beautiful shot of her Zig Zag Village.

Amy D Haunted Zig Zag Village chocolatepaw1@comcast.net.jpg

Link to the cutting file for this project here: http://3dcuts.com/zig-zag-village

Link to the tutorial for the assembly here: http://3dcuts.com/zig-zag-village-haunted-tutorial

If you have completed any of my projects please share them with me by sending them along to marji@3dcuts.com or posting them to the various crafting facebook groups.

Tea Light Village 2018 Additions

One of my favorite annual projects is designing new buildings for Tea Light Village. Over the weekend I added the 2018 versions to the store. This year I added a barber shop complete with the iconic pole and a covered bridge. The covered bridge comes with a charming horse drawn sleigh which requires tiny fingers or tweezers to assemble!

I love rearranging them for the season and adding fairy lights.

  • The cutting files for the 2018 additions are here for $2.59 for all 3 items.

  • The cutting file for the entire collection- all years is here for $12.59 for all 16 buildings plus accessories.

  • The tutorial for the assembly of the Covered Bridge and horse-drawn sleigh is here.

  • The tutorial for the assembly of the Barber Shop is here.


I just sent out the email to all the folks on my mailing list introducing the haunted zig zag village. Way down at the bottom I include a little surprise. If you aren’t on my mailing list, you might want to join (Click Here).

But because I want everyone to have a wonderful crafty fall, I will share the code here as well. I am offering a 20% discount for any purchase over $10. The code is good until September 26th. Just enter HAUNTED20% during check out at the promo code box.

Happy crafting everyone!