A Deer Shadow Box

I love shadow boxes and can't help myself. I just keep designing them.  This one came because of a request for the deer theme in the small size. I have done deer in the more complex illuminated star shadow box but not in the small 6.5" square series. But I also wanted to try incorporating a birch tree as well. Oh, and ferns. So off I went designing another shadow box.

I am especially liking this one. I created a more complex scene by adding additional levels using pop-dots. It still only has the 2 interior layers but there are various elements attached to both the front and back of each. Here is a detailed view.


This is sized to match others in the collection like Heron Cove or Loon Lake and the ever popular Summer Scenes series for those that love fishing. The collection grows!

Easter Time- a Sweet Card

The Heart Cube box was the starting point for this design.  I added some internal elements to adapt it to the new holiday. I think the results are adorable which is fitting for the Easter bunny!

Easter Bunny Cube by 3dcuts w:wm.jpg


But like all good designs, you refine it some on second time round.  I added some cut outs to the internal layers to help with assembly.

This card is designed to fit into a standard 6" x 9" booklet envelope. I have included links to some supplies at Amazon in the tutorial. This is something I started recently to help with ease in ordering.

Links to supplies on Amazon:

Check out the new the new video tutorial i released for this project.


Calligraphic Kitties

I have been playing around with an Apple Pen on my iPad. I was working to create animals with simple lines. In the end I had to switch to Adobe Illustrator on my computer but I did successfully create a series of sketches. The first batch is of kitties and I created the following 4 files:

The possible uses of these are many. I have never used vinyl but I would love one of the mandala designs on a t-shirt with real bows stitched on. Attempting a vinyl project with my Silhouette is still on to to-do list. I know I should but I am a paper crafter at heart.  And so with paper I first made a shadow box with the mandala.

And then I made a series of note cards. The creative possibilities here are endless. I'd love see what you can do with your paper stash to create some greeting cards with these files.

I also continue to expand my video tutorial skills as I made another video, this time on creating the mandala shadow box.

A Star Shadow Box for Lovers!

I started learning how to make video tutorials because I knew the assembly of my Star Shadow box would be much easier for many people if they could just see me do it.  Those side brackets are confusing and yet so simple! I decided that I would design a new shadow box appropriate for the season as I created the tutorial.  Today I am introducing Heart Tree Star Shadow Box featuring the classic theme of a couple holding hands and a tree with a carved heart.

Heart Tree Star Shadow Box by 3dcuts v3.jpg

There are several special features associated with this project. The first is that the initials in the heart are customizable. The download of the cutting file includes all the letters of the alphabet in a carved font for you to insert ti highlight the special people in your life.


And the second exciting item is that I have created a 4 part video tutorial to help you in the assemble of this shadow box.  The tutorial is universal so that it will also help those of you with my other 2 shadow box files - Deer in the Forest and Horses in the Pasture.

Here is Part 1.......

A Valentine and a Video!!!!

I have decided it is time to learn how to create video tutorials. I have delayed in this project because I personally don't like to work from a tutorial but certain projects (think star shadow boxes) would just be easier with a tutorial. I decided I needed a new, easy design to create my first tutorial so I created this nifty fold-flat 3D Valentine. Here is my first step-by-step tutorial showing how to make this project.

Give it a try.

  • Download the cutting file here:
  • Go to the written tutorial here:
Heart Cube by Marji Roy 3dcuts.jpg

The Moose is here!

This moose standing in the fir trees is finally available in svg, pdf, png and dxf formats. I designed this little fellow years ago as a hostess gift for a friend. She has a wonderful mountain home. Many have asked when I would transfer it to svg. It is done!

After getting files ready for the holiday push I spent some time upgrading. I purchased a new Silhouette Cameo 3, I upgraded to the most recent Design Studio Software and I invested in the Business edition. That gives me the ability to download existing files from .studio format to svg. This tree was too complex to easily re-draw so this upgrade allowed me to finally transfer it to the svg format.


  • Moose and Fir Trees cutting file available here.
  • Assembly Tutorial

Here is a view of the original file displayed on the mantle.

Create an easy 3D diorama featuring a stately moose standing in the fir trees. This project includes detailed cutting files for simple 3D construction techniques to make this stunning set. It looks wonderful on a mantel or shelf. Available at 3dcuts.com.

Create an easy 3D diorama featuring a stately moose standing in the fir trees. This project includes detailed cutting files for simple 3D construction techniques to make this stunning set. It looks wonderful on a mantel or shelf. Available at 3dcuts.com.

2017 Additions to Tea Light Village

Big changes for Tea Light Village this year! I have been adding to it every year since I first designed it in 2013 and this year I have added two new buildings but I have also solved the lighting issue. If you have been building the village right along you have learned that turning 14 different tea lights on and off is a real bother. It was for me so I tend not to light up the village. It really is much prettier when lights are glowing out the windows. So I spent some time thinking about it. What I really wanted to do was use the remote control string fairy lights instead. They all turn on with one press on the remote button. Easy! But I don't like seeing the wires and stray lights between buildings. So I designed a solution.

Available now is a hexagonal base system.  You cut the bases you want for the village you have created, attach them together and run wires through the base. It is quick and easy. It creates multi-levels for display plus plenty of room for the wiring. The bases come in 6 depths plus 2 shapes and are available here.


Using these nifty strings lights available from Amazon (link below) you can improve the lighting in a number of ways.

  • All lights are operated by 1 switch.
  • The switch is a remote for easy access.
  • Flickering is a choice. I disliked the tea light flicker. It made me think of houses on fire.
  • You can control the brightness. If the room has other lights on, push the brightness. If the room is dim, reduce the brightness.

These are all huge pluses for me.


Additionally there are two new buildings to expand the village. This year I designed a Tudor style home with the off center front dormer and classic curved doorway plus a clock tower library. Both are scaled to fit with all the other buildings already in tea light village.

Here are the links to these files:

  • Complete 2017 Tea LIght Village - $10.59 - Buildings only here.
  • 2017 Additions - Tudor House and Clock Tower Library - $2.59 here.
  • Hexagon Bases - Not incllude in the complete set - $3.99 here.

Here are links to the tutorials for these additions:

  • Tudor House Tutorial here.
  • Clock Town Library here.
  • Hexagon Bases and Wiring here.

And here are links to the supplies I use for this project.

3d Puzzle Boxes

This week I experimented in a different area with my designing. So many of my recent projects have been show boxes. I do have more ideas and will be adding to that collection but this week I chose a new direction.

I create a puzzle box and what I like about this file so much is that if you make multiples, they fit together.

And there is some variety in how you assemble them. I like the dynamic of the zig-zag assemblage above but they also make a square.

I didn't have a specific use in mind for this project - I just love puzzles and the classic puzzle shape. There are so many uses for a nifty box - like for presenting a gift card. I also think these would look terrific as decor in a child's room, especially in these bright colors. Additionally, if you are connected with Autism Awareness at all, the puzzle piece is a natural for all types of applications there.

Happy crafting everyone!