Zig Zag Village

I designed Zig Zag Village back in the summer with the idea that it would be a perfect Christmas Village. Now that the holiday crafting season is upon us, I have been receiving photos and videos by crafters of their success with this project. Here is a video by Karen Sprenger of her Zig Zag Village. I love the video effects she added.

I also received some photos from Paulette Campbell and she is busy making lots of zig zag villages to send as cards. Take a look at the progress.

Zig Zag Village 3dcuts.com by Paulette Campbell.jpg

Carlene Moore of Arkansas added a little more detail using colored card stock to her version of tea light village.

Carleen Moore  Zig Zag Village by 3dcuts.jpg

I love seeing how my files get used and creative additions to them. If you have photos of any projects please share by sending to me at 3dcuts.com or sharing in the various facebook groups for paper crafting.