Tea Light Village is Expanding in 2019

I first designed Tea Light Village with probably five buildings in 2013. It was an exciting year for me because I launched my website 3dcuts.com and was working hard to present a spectrum of designs. Many of you have been with me all those years and here in 2019 Tea Light Village is 6 years old. It is still a best seller and a favorite of mine. I thank all of you for helping to make that happen and for sending the emails around bout September 1 wondering if there will be new buildings for the current year. Yes, there are!

There are two new buildings to join the other 16. First is a grocery store complete with two produce stands out front, an attached shed in the back and an apple cart for deliveries.

I like to have variety in both the business that settle into Tea Light Village but also the house styles. This year I used inspiration from the house in the background of Grant Wood’s iconic American Gothic painting for the 2019 house. American Gothic house includes the gothic window in the peak of the second floor, the over-sized wrap-around porch roof and the kitchen wing to the left. It also has a classic wishing well for the front yard. You will need tweezers to make the bucket!

  • Both files are available in a combination download here for $2.59

  • You can get the entire village (all 18 buildings) here for $13.99

  • The tutorial for the Grocery Store with video is here.

  • The tutorial for the American Gothic House with video is here.

I have found photographing the village to be an annual challenge. It is long and horizontal but most social media wants square or vertical. I have been having fun trying out some different views and lighting. Here are some examples.