New Shapes and Numbers!

Hello All! I have been away from my Silhouette for the month of July. It was a wonderful month - full of family, friends and non-paper projects which I will be sharing soon. But yesterday, I finally got back to my machine and today I am moving full steam ahead.  I do have some new projects planned but first a few quick files to get me started.  I have received a variety of requests from fellow crafters for some specific files to be added to the shadow box series. That is a great project to get me going.

New Numbers!

Today, I have made available on the store 3 new numbers - 10, 11 and 12.  The request came from a crafter wanting to use the shadow boxes to make a clock. I love the idea so have added those numbers. Please share photos with me of finished projects!

These are available for purchase in 3 different groupings.......

• Buy as a 13 files group with all the numbers 0-12 for $5.49
• Buy just the 3 new numbers 10, 11 and 12 as a group for $1.49
• Buy as individual files for 99¢ each.

New Shapes!

The possibilities for shapes is endless. Someday I'll create a tutorial showing you how to make your own but that is a huge challenge. For today here are a couple of interesting ones that caught my fancy.

treble clef shape shadow box by Marji Roy of
Tennis Racquet shadow box by Marji Roy of

These shapes are available at my store in a couple of different groupings as well.

• All Shapes. I have created a new group purchase that includes all the shapes available. That is 11 different shape shadow boxes for $4.99

• Individually - these can be purchased individually for 99¢ each.

Happy crafting, everyone!