My First Vinyl Project

My impression based on facebook ( could be incorrect) is that more people use their cutting machine for cutting vinyl than paper. I bought mine for paper crafting and have been doing that almost exclusively for over 6 years. But then I had an idea for vinyl. My two granddaughters (ages 6 and 7 were coming for ZeeZee Camp and need a project. It was just before the start of the school year so I thought t-shirts would be fun using their names. But the creative part and the part that excited me was that I would use Illustrator to make circular mandalas based on their names. The goad was an eye-catching design that had their names hidden within.

The girls were thrilled with them and I loved making the designs so I started experimenting with other names. Here are some of the others that I have finished.

These designs would look terrific on t-shirts, or pillows, or notebooks, or wherever you might consider a monogram. The files I completed are available here for 99¢ each. Love to see pictures of any you make.