Heart Tree Shadow Box in Square format

Many people have requested some of my illuminated star shadow boxes in a square format to put in wooden frames. I understand the desire to create a lasting keepsake and having it behind glass in a wooden frame helps a lot. I decide to try this with the Heart in a Tree Shadow Box.

It did require a complete redesign of all layers and a compressing from 5 layers down to 3 main layers plus the back ground. Here it is a standard 11 x 11” shadow box. I provided links in the tutorial on the exact frame I designed this for .

Additionally I designed this to be customizable in two ways. First the download includes 3 sets of couples - female/male, male/male and female/female. Choose the file that reflects the couple you are making this for. And again the download includes the entire alphabet in a carved font so you can customize the tree.

Heart Tree SB Sqquare 3dcuts.com hands.jpg

The files are available on the store starting today.

Download here for $3.49 http://3dcuts.com/illuminated-shadow-boxes/heart-tree-square

Video tutorial is available here: http://3dcuts.com/heart-tree-square-shadow-box-tutorial