Ledge Village Expanding!

I first introduced Ledge Village in June of 2013. It was a concept I developed for a little ledge in my laundry room and it has blossomed into an every expanding town. This week I have finally added some more buildings to the options available for those of you creating your own villages. Here is a look at Ledge Village with all the files currently available through 3dcuts.com.

The Fullerton House (Below left) is a favorite of mine and was the last building I designed in the Silhouette software only.  I finally redrew the entire file in Illustrator so I could get the other needed formats for folks with different cutting machines. The Fullerton House (which is based on a Sears and Roebuck kit house from the 1920's) is now available in svg,pdf,dxf,and png formats.

A roof style not yet represented in Ledge Village is the Mansard roof. I decided to use that on both of the next buildings - the Mansard House with bay window, and the Town Hall. All three of these buildings have features that make them a little more detailed than earlier buildings. I especially love the addition of the dormers.

But have you noticed that this is the first time I have added lighting to Ledge Village? My Tea Light Village was based on the little tea lights but they are such a bother to turn on and off. I learned about Fairy Lights from another crafter and decided to add them to my latest Ledge Village display. I especially like that they are battery operated and you can get a lot of lights on each switch. The options on Amazon are always changing but I found a 40 light set.

To install I simply cut tiny holes in the back of each building in a hidden spot (I didn't want them to show through the door or window). I then inserted the little lights (which stay cool) and applied a little tape to hold in palce. Some other larger buildings had 4, others only 1 but they were all strung together.

  • The buildings are currently available in my store here on 3dcuts.com.
  • The complete tutorials are located by following the links on this page here.

What building are you going to create first?


3dcuts files can be used for sewing!

Kelly at svgsews.com uses svg files in her quilting and other fabric projects. She recently blogged about making an artsy placemat based on my Winterberry and Chickadee Shadow Box file.

What a beautiful combination of crafts! Kelly also posted a Youtube video about the process for creating this placemat here.

Here is my original design. You can see what wonderful variety can be added by mixing your own creativity and skill set.

Another use for my ladder file....

I really like the design of the step ladder I made for halloween. This week I took that file and added some new accessories for the changing season. Here it is, all decked out for Christmas.  

 3d Christmas Ladder centerpiece constructed from card stock. SVG,PDF, PNG, DXF cutting files available from 3dcuts.com. Designed by Marji Roy

You can make the various accessories and use them for different combinations. Here is another using just some of the included files.....

 3d Christmas Ladder centerpiece constructed from card stock. SVG,PDF, PNG, DXF cutting files available from 3dcuts.com. Designed by Marji Roy
  • Cutting files available here:
  • Tutorial available here.

I'd love to see what you create with these files. Send photos to marji@3dcuts.com

New Buildings for Tea Light Village

There is no doubt about it. One of the all time favorite designs of mine is the Tea Light Village. This is a great beginner level 3D project. It is also one that experienced crafts love to customize. And the display potential is endless. It has become a Christmas tradition for me to add new buildings to the growing Tea Light Village.  For 2016 I have designed a Dormer House, the Grange Meeting Hall, and the town Gazebo.


Tea Light Village by 3dcuts.com

All match the style and scale of the original tea light village buildings. You can purchased just the three new designs, or if you haven't tried these yet, there is a group purchase with great savings for the entire village.

  • Link here to see the assembly tutorial
  • Link here to purchase the files

Here is my display with all the buildings perched on birch logs.

Tea Light Village by 3dcuts.com

I would love it if you would share with me photos of your Tea Light village displays. I have started a page sharing these photos here.

Halloween Svg Files for 2016

Oh, I have been having fun with designs for Halloween this year. The following files have been made available over at the store.

Haunted Ladders - Decorating for Halloween

  • Cutting file available for purchase and download  for $1.99
  • Tutorial is online here.

As a companion project I also design the Haunted Casket which can be displayed either vertically or horizontally. Optional LED tea lights can be inserted inside to add an internal spooky glow.

Haunted Caskets - with LED Tea Light

  • Cutting file available here for purchase and download  for $1.99
  • Tutorial is online here.

I also create a series of spider web files to 12 x12 card stock. These are available for 99¢ here

I hope you have fun creating centerpieces and spooky mantle arrangements for your holiday decor. Please share any photos you have. I'd love to see your creations.  You can share them on Facebook, or pinterest or send them to me at marji@3dcuts.com.

Happy crafting everyone!

Work of Paul Kitching

It pleases me so to see fellow crafters that take my ideas and expand on them.  Paul Kitching sent me some photos of his application of my Loon Lake layered shadow box applied to wood.  What incredible patience he had to cut these fine details on a jig saw! Nicely done Paul.

 Photo and project by Paul Kitching

Photo and project by Paul Kitching


Here it is with the natural light shining through....

 Photo and project by Paul Ktching

Photo and project by Paul Ktching


Here are my versions of these same files but crafted in card stock using my Silhouette.

 Loon Lake SVG cutting file by Marji Roy of 3dcuts.com

3D Lantern Banner with LED Tea Lights

Just finished a 3D Lantern Banner designed to hold LED Tea Lights.  The design is flexible, works for any occasion and the letters can be removable so the lanterns can be re-used. What celebrations do you have coming up in your life?

The cutting files for the complete banner construction set including the lantern, plus all letters and numbers are available at my site here. And you can view the detailed tutorial here.

Make the lanterns once and use them for multiple occasions. The letters (and tops) can be changed. The back pivots open and an LED tea light can be placed inside to provide a flickering glow.

I made this version for my granddaughter.....

Zoe Lanterns by Marji Roy of 3dcuts.com - SVG cutting files