3D Paper Stars with a Twist

My new series of cutting files were uploaded to the store and Silhouette this week.  What excited me most about this group of files is how I used a little geometry to make the star files a little more valuable.  Here is an example. Buy Star Style 1 which is a 5-pointed star, but make 10 of the diamond 3D units and assemble them in the opposite direction.

Two different stars from 1 cutting file.  To achieve this I had to work on the geometry of the angles and makes sure they complemented each other. Although I was aiming for this, I didn't nail it on the first try. It took a couple of designs before it worked.

  • This file is 3d Star Style 1 available as an individual file here.
  • It is also available as an All Star group with 5 other files here.
  • An online tutorial for making the star is here.