Commercial Licensing for 3Dcuts. com files


Completed Projects: You can cut my files and create up to 25 items for sale locally with proper credit to but you may not sell the items online. You may sell completely assembled items at craft fairs, charity events, etc. but not on your website, Facebook or on Etsy or Ebay type site. If you are going to make more than 25 items, or sell on line please contact me at about a commercial license.

Commercial Licensing: I do offer a commercial license which allows you to sell things you make from my cutting files. You may not sell the cutting file.  It costs $8 for the license to sell 1 -100, $20 for 100-1000, $ 50 for unlimited. This cost is for each file but I offer discounts for purchases of groups of commercial licenses.

This has to happen via email because I don't have the commercial license on my site.

Under no circumstances may you share or sell the cutting files.

To obtain a commercial license: Send me an email listing the file(s) you would like a commercial license for. I will send a PayPal invoice and send you commercial certificates once payments has been completed. You will also need to purchase 1 copy of each file from my site in order to get the files and the assembly PDF.